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CROWE logoAbout the CROWE blog

The CROWE blog aims to contribute to debates on contemporary work and employment. It focuses on how managers, workers, trade unions and policy makers interpret and attempt to shape the nature of work and employment.

It is hosted by the CROWE research group, within the Dept of Human Resource Management at De Montfort University. Contributions will be theoretically informed, and of relevance to the full range of stakeholders involved in the regulation of work, employment and organisations, in the UK and internationally.

Articles and comments posted on the blog reflect the views of the author(s) and not the position of CROWE or of De Montfort University.

The blog is co-edited by Dr. Heather Connolly, and Prof Phil Almond. Correspondence should be directed to croweblogeditors@gmail.com .

Submission guidelines

We welcome contributions from academics, doctoral students, and stakeholders in work and employment. If you are thinking of submitting a post, please read the following guidelines first.

  • We welcome contributions that reflect current research projects, that provide informed commentary on current events in the world of work and employment, that present arguments relating to relevant academic debates, or that review significant books and other works within our subject areas.
  • Submissions should be between 500 and 1,000 words long.
  • Contributions should be written in the most accessible language possible. Avoid the use of jargon where possible.
  • Contributions may be aimed at the intelligent general reader, a scholarly audience, and/or at actors within the world of work and employment (employers, trade unions and related social movements, policy-makers). Please shape your contribution to be accessible to the audience you are writing for.
  • We explicitly welcome posts on developments in the world of work and employment in countries and regions outside the UK. We are happy, within reason, to sub-edit for language, if English is not your first language.
  • If you are writing about developments in a particular country or region, please attempt to draw out its relevance to international debates.
  • For ease of reading on screen, please construct your writing in short paragraphs (no more than three or four sentences)
  • Full academic referencing is not required. However, please include, where possible, web links to relevance sources.
  • We welcome contributions with strong positions on the politics of work and employment and its regulation. Contributions should be written in personal rather than organisational capacities.
  • Where relevant, funders should be acknowledged, and relevant interests disclosed.
  • You are free to publish your article on the CROWE blog elsewhere subsequent to its publication here. Please acknowledge that it originally appeared on the CROWE blog.

OK, I want to submit an article – what should I do?

Please send a brief outline of your proposed post – a paragraph or so – to croweblogeditors@gmail.com

We will then advise on any specific requirements, our time schedule, etc.